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Legendary cape of the Costa da Morte


The Roncudo, main cape of Bergantinos together with Santo Hadrian and Nariga, owes its name to the echo of the roaring Atlantic exploting in the coast. There, in the cliffs, men and women escape from big waves and gelid whirls trying to collect the precious seafood.

The Roncudo lighthouse warns the marine traffic of this dangerous sea. Traditional shipwrecks scene, the stone crosses built here remember the drowned and missing sailors.

The natural area of Roncudo allows a complete excursion along its abrupt coasts and small hidden beaches, near of which are found the typical taverns of Corme.

Fauna and Flora

Puesta de sol

The Cape Roncudo wealth contains the typical species from coastal and cliff habitats. Although not as important as in the capes Santo Hadrian and Vilan, the Roncudo is a suitable place to contemplate marine and migratory birds like the Larus cachinnans and the Phalacrocorax aristotelis.

There are found here as well some characteristic plants of the northwestern Celtiberian peninsula like the Cistus carpaza psilosepalus, Tuberaria globulariefolia, Ulea sp, Centares corcubionensis -only found in the northwest of Galicia-, and the Armeria pubigera.


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