24� Year - 5� Time - 19/09/2020

Galician botanic reserve


The Sisargas islands are accessible by renting a boat in Malpica´s harbour. Although several families used to live there up to a few years ago, nowadays the human presence has been reduced to the Santo Hadrian lighthouse keeper and the memory of the Santa Marina hermitage, destroyed in the Middle Ages by the Normans.

The Sisargas maintain some Galician characteristic botanic species like the Cistus carpaza psilosepalus, Tuberaria globulariefolia, Angelica pachycarpa, Rumex acetosa and the Centares corcubionensis, only present in the northwest of Galicia. The islands and the cape shelter the Armeria pubigera and Armeria maritima, which paint the cliffs once a year in pink and green colours.

Exceptional shelter for migratory birds


The Sisargas are a privileged habitat for migratory birds. The Atlantic solitude of its imposing and inviolable cliffs protects a great colony of marine birds like the Uria aalge ibericus, Larus cachinnans, Apus melba, Phalacrocorax aristotelis or even the Falco peregrinus. The biggest colonies in southern Europe of Rissa tridactyla and Phalacrocorax aristotelis are found here as well.


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