23º Year - 5ª Time - 13/12/2019

Beautiful and long Carnota´s beach


Even though Carnota´s long beaches suggests Rias Baixas´ vicinity, the extreme danger of these coasts is recalled in many shipwrecks happened in the reefs of Lobeiras and Carromoeiro.

The landscape from O Pindo to Muros is composed by both the Pindo range and the infinite ocean. In between, the high mountains descend to the Atlantic, dying in a sandy and rocky coastline.

The natural area of Carnota consists of a 5 km. long beach and 1 km. wide. Its dunes shelters an interesting lake in the north. Besides this beautiful site lies Carnota village and Muros touristic resort.

Carnota´s skies are watched over by the Monte Pindo and by some of the birds that live up there, like the Monticola solitarius, Falco peregrinus, and the Corvus corax. Down in the lake several migratory birds like the Charadrius alexandrinus spend the winter season.


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