23º Year - 5ª Time - 13/12/2019

National Natural Area


Baldaio is a 4 km long beach formed by a long sand bank, dunes and a lake. There is a high wealth of aquatic birds counting with more than 33 different species. The biggest European colonies of Charadrius alexandrinus can be found in Baldaio as well.

Baldaio-Razo natural area is a habitat for mammals like the Lutra lutra, Meles meles or the Vulpes vulpes, which uses to go to the beach looking for remains of food left by the sea. Other animals of Baldaio are reptiles like Lacerta lepida, Vipera seoanei and amphibious like the Hyla arborea.

Baldaio´s botanic variety includes the rough Phragmites australis and Juncus maritimus, and aquatic plants like the Typha latifolia. The dunes shelter as well the Atlantic Linaria polygalifolia subsp. polygalifolia, and the Omphalodes littoralis subsp. gallaecica, only found in the northwest of Galicia.

The historical Monte Neme


The Neme mountain rises from the village of Razo providing a wide view of Baldaio, Malpica and the Sisargas Isles, Buno, Carballo, and, far away in the north-east, the Cape Prior in Ferrol. Neme and Baldaio´s sky is watched over by the Corvus corax and Falco peregrinus. .



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