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Mythical and legendary place


The Cape Fisterra, traditionally considered as the most western point of Europe, is a 5 km long peninsula that forms the Corcubion creek both with the Pindo mountain.

Fisterra´s lighthouse, built on the end of the cape in 1853, has not been enough to avoid lots of shipwrecks caused by the thick Fisterras´ fog. Because of this reason, a powerful siren was built, called the Cow of Fisterra.

Fisterra´s peninsula culminates in Monte Facho, the ideal place to watch the most unforgettable sunset in the world, described by countless authors from the very ancient history.

An infinite distance


The view from the cape is magnificent : looking to the south it is sometimes possible to see the Rias Baixas coastline and the Santa Trega mountain, in the border with Portugal.

On the left, the granitic Monte Pindo reflects its pinky shadow in the water of the Corcubion creek. Finally, on the right, there are the sharp cliffs, the violent sea, the terrible Centolo rock and the infinite ocean.

Strategic geographical position


The Cape Fisterra is located between two different climate domains. Some Galician botanic species are found in the peninsula like the Centaurea corcubionensis, Armoria pubigera and the Tuberaria guttata. In the beach areas there is a great number of dune plants like the Limaria polygalifolia subsp. polygalifolia.

Although not as important as in Cape Vilan and the Sisargas Islands, Cape Fisterra shelters a very important bird colony, one of the most important in Galicia. The biggest Phalacrocorax aristotelis colony in the Costa da Morte is refuged as well in the cliffs of Fisterra.


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