24� Year - 5� Time - 19/09/2020

Second western cape of Galicia

Cape Touriñán

The Cape Tourinan enters in the Atlantic ocean looking for the End of the World. It reaches its maximum western longitude with 9º 18 ´ 19 ´´ to the West of Greenwich, being minimumly overcome by the Cape Nave, in Fisterra, and the Cape Roca, in Portugal, with 9º 29 ´ 50 ´´.

In front of this western European cape can be seen, from September to November, the spectacular autumnal corridor of migratory birds like the Sula, Sterna, Stercorarius, Melanitta, and Larus.

The constant winds in Tourinan made of this wild coast a rough and inhospitable place, silent witness of tragic shipwrecks. The view from Tourinan shows all the deserted coasts of the Land´s End, from Cape Buitra and Cape Vilan to southern Cape Nave.

The narrow Tourinan footpaths are ideal to enjoy a beautiful excursion to the small Moreira beach or the long one of Nemina, sung by the Bard Eduardo Pondal:

Ao abrigo do vento circio
sentada ao pe dos valados
que hai nos Casas de Nemina,
os cabelos pieiteando
cun lindo pieite de ouro
que deslumbraba ao miralo
cantaba a fada Rouriz
cousa do tempo pasado.

Sheltered from the cold wind
sitting in the grasslands
of Nemina village,
her hair combing
with a pretty comb of gold
that dazzled when looking at it
the fairy Rouriz sang
things of a past time.


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