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Botanic species

Monte Pindo

Another jewel, only found in the Pindo mountains, is the Quercus lusitanica, a kind of oak from Africa and Spain which is only found here in the whole Galician territory. Other interesting botanic species are the Quercus robur and Quercus pyrenaica, pines like the Pinus Pinaster, Pinus radiata and Pinus sylvestris, and the Laurus nobilis, Ilex aquifolium and the Fritillaria pyrenaica.

Galician Celtic Olympus


The geomorphology of the Pindo mountain is full of reliefs, shaped as granite balls simulating sculptures and mythical giants. Popular tradition points this place to be the sacred mountain of the Galician Celtic divinities. Lots of legends about the Pindo talk about treasures, seven headed snakes, naked and charming fairies, sacrifices... and even in recent times fertility rites were practiced in the rocks of the mountain.

The legendary and high Pindo finds its marine complement in the dunes of Carnota and in the cascade of Ezaro. Ezaro is the only place in Europe where a river falls in a 100 mt. high cascade into the ocean. However, the show is nowadays rarely seen because of the dams built in Dumbria. The legend tells that there is a magic door watched over by witches behind the cascade, which takes under the river to a cave where a pretty princess will marry and give her great fortune to the man that rescue her.


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