24� Year - 5� Time - 03/04/2020

Finisterrae´s Queen


Protected by the darkness of the night, a boat without helm came closer to the Galician coast. The ship was guided alone toward the entrance of the creek, where it stopped on a small beach. Four men jumped out to the groung and they took out a body wrapped in a white sheet: the Apostle Saint-James.

Looking for an appropriate place to give a noble sepulchre to Christ´s pupil, two of the men sighted a magnificent castle in the distance. They headed to the castle and they requested there an audience to the King.
The servants of Saint-James were taken to the Land´s End´s Queen Lupa, who ordered to imprison them because of their arrogance.

At night, when those chained Christian were requesting help to their God, a luminous and starry splendor opened the jail´s doors and the prisoners could escape.


When the gardians realized that the prisoners had escaped they started to chase them, but when the Queen´s soldiers passed by a bridge, it collapsed and killed all the pursuers.

The Christians returned then to Queen Lupa trusting in their God´s power:
- It will be better for you to help us. We need a cart and a couple of oxen to transport in our master Saint-James.

The stubborn Queen Lupa gave them a couple of wild bulls instead of the oxen, but everybody was astonished when observing how the bulls acted gently with the Christians.

It is said that, after that, astounded of so many miracles, Queen Lupa became Christian and ordered to demolish the Celtic sacred places like the Ara Solis.

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