24� Year - 5� Time - 08/04/2020

By: Afonso Xabier Canosa Rodríguez


The Middle Age is Galicia´s most brilliant period, when its cultural splendor created one of the lyrical summits in humanity´s history. The Traba were during the XII and XIII centuries one of the Galician Kingdom´s most important supports. Actually the Traba was probably the most powerful family in the peninsula. Though they came from and lived in the Costa da Morte, they owned territories in other Galician and foreign lands.

In the time of the Traba´s greater splendor, they crowned kings in Galicia and they even crowned Galician kings in Leon´s throne.The Traba were so powerful that the future kings first had to be formed by them. This is the case of Afonso Reimundes, Afonso V of Galicia, crowned king in 1111 by Pedro Froilaz, count of Traba, and two years later ratified by Bishop Gelmirez.

King Afonso was to be later the king of Leon (Alfonso VII of Leon in the Spanish official historiography, Afonso V in Galician dynasty), causing a war between the Galicians and the Spanish.
Later on, Count Pedro Froilaz´s son began a new dynasty taking the title of Count of Trastamara. The name of Trastamara comes from an Iron Age treba or population known as Celtici Supertamaricos, located between Carnota and Ortigueira (Nemancos, Celtigos, Barcala, Vimianzo, Dubra, Bergantinos...).

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