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Buño The village of Buño owes its name to a plant that grows in clayey lands. This geological characteristic has given Buño an important name in galician economy and culture.
Cabana de Bergantiños Borneiro´s parish possesses two exceptional early Galician historical monuments : the Dolmen of Dombate and the Celtic village.
Caión - Laracha Small fishing harbour located in the entrance of Bergantinos, Caion´s economy and natural attractiveness are orientated towards the big city of Corunna.
Carballo Biggest population and comercial center, its strategic location between Corunna and Santiago has made of Carballo one of the most important towns in Galicia.
Coristanco Heart of Bergantinos, Coristanco is a silent land of soft mountains and green valleys.
Corme Corme is the village of Cape Roncudo´s wild nature
and main barnacle center in the world.
Laxe Important Costa da Morte´s summer resort, the elegant town of Laxe enjoys a privileged location in these noble lands.
Malpica de Bergantiños Roaring and wild, the Atlantic ocean is the unequivocal seafaring essence of Malpica, one of Galicia´s main fishing ports.
The streets of the town welcome daily the bustle of men hardened by the sea, as well as the "redeiras" (women who sew fishing nets) and fisherwomen that find easy conversation in the quay and in the market.
Mens Small parish inhabited by half thousand people dedicated to agriculture and fishing, Mens was an important noble town in the Middle Ages : Santiago´s Archbishopric, the Crown, and the Counts of Altamira fought for its castle and church.
Ponteceso Ponte-Ceso lies where river Anllons meets the Atlantic Ocean.
This noble land inspired Eduardo Pondal e Abente,
Bard of Bergantinos and national poet of Galicia.
Traba Traba parish was once school and home of the Kings that would govern the Galician Kingdom.

Soneira and Xallas

Camariñas Sheltered from the Atlantic bleakness, in the heart of a dramatic natural area, Camarinas´ fishing importance is eclipsed by the international prestige of its celebrated lace industry.
Camelle Small fishing harbour, Camelle has seen dozens of shipwrecks in its wild and treacherous coast. People from Arou saved lots of men, risking their own lives in so many catastrophes happened in this sea.
Mazaricos Mazaricos, one of the most important cattle economies in Galicia, lives according to the calm rhythm of the river Xallas.
Ponte do Porto Ponte do Porto is located in the end of Camarinas´ creek, where the Grande river placidly mixes its water with the Soneira sea.
Vimianzo Moscoso´s castle looks out over a fertile valley in which there are part of the most important megaliths in Galicia and Europe.
Zas-Baio Located in a geographical center where Bergantinos, Xallas an Soneira concur, the lands of Zas were one of the main linen producers in Galicia.

Fisterra and Muros

Carnota Carnota is a placid village located between endless beaches and the Pindo mountains´ majestic altitude.
Cee Sheltered in Corcubion´s creek, this old parish on the way to the Land´s End is nowadays a modern industrial city, heart of Fisterra´s land.
Corcubión Framed in the picturesque land of a beautiful creek, the little town of Corcubion is the most popular tourist resort of Fisterra´s district.
Duio Entrance to the Land´s End in the Fisterra´s peninsula, legendary parishes of San Martiño and San Vicente of Duio have got the Fisterra´s solitude and dramatic beauty atmosphere.
Dumbría After a beautiful trip by the Pindo canyon, the river Xallas
melts in the Atlantic Ocean in impressive natural sites.
Fisterra The Cape Fisterra has been long considered as the most western point in Europe and therefore the End of the World. Lots of mystical legends have grown around the last cape of the Earth and the "Mare Tenebrosum". Somewhere in the ocean there could be both unimaginable monsters and the paradise. All these kinds of speculations have motivated the visit of pilgrims of all beliefs throughout the history.
Muxía In the uninhabited lands of the Land´s End, Muxia
is devoted to Nosa Senora da Barca´s famous Sanctuary.
O Pindo Dominant and majestic, the Pindo mountain reflects its colorful figure on the Atlantic Ocean.

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